About Us

We are a specialist data, analysis and advisory firm focused on corporate climate action, carbon markets and the energy transition.

Our tools build on 30 years’ experience across financial services and carbon markets, combining deep sector knowledge with proprietary data and cutting-edge models. The Trove Intelligence platform serves all parts of the market including investors, corporates, traders, project developers, governments and NGOs.

Our history

Trove Research was founded by Guy Turner in 2015 with the aim of providing new ways of thinking about investing in sustainable assets, but since 2020 has focussed exclusively on tracking corporate climate commitments and providing unique insights into the voluntary carbon credit market.  Guy was previously a consultant to governments and large companies on climate and energy policies, a founder of New Energy Finance and Chief Economist of Bloomberg NEF.

We launched our market-leading Trove Intelligence subscription platform in September 2021. The company is a world-renowned source of intelligence on corporate climate commitments and the voluntary carbon market. Trove Research has grown rapidly, and now has over 50 staff spread across offices in three continents.

What we do

We are a data and analysis firm focused on tracking and assessing corporate climate commitments and all aspects of the voluntary carbon market. We provide the data and intelligence needed by a wide range of users from asset-owners and fund managers that need to understand the commitments companies are making, to the companies that are currently or intending to purchase carbon credits, to the developers and investors that create the projects on the ground and raise finance through the sale of carbon credits.

The Trove Intelligence module helps clients make better climate-related decisions by understanding:

  1. Which companies have set climate targets, how many carbon credits they are buying and how many they will need in the future.
  2. The price of carbon credits today and how prices have changed.
  3. The types of carbon credits being created and used today and how this will change in the future.
  4. How new policies and guidance will affect corporate climate commitments and the use of carbon credits.
  5. How the price of carbon credits may change in the future.

Our values

Our values are founded on the principle that sustainability can be achieved profitably. With appropriate guidance and regulation, we believe the voluntary carbon market can thrive and play an important part in the world’s transition to net zero. Rigorous analysis, combined with simplicity and clarity in communication, is at the heart of what we do. We ensure our work is always impartial, thorough and objective.

Trove Research promotes integrity, inclusiveness and diversity. We internally embrace a strong culture of respect and empowerment, creating a rewarding and supportive work environment.

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