Complaints Policy

In accordance with Trove’s core values, we respect and listen to the views of our clients and other external stakeholders, even when their views differ from our own. We aim to learn from those with alternative views to challenge ourselves and constantly improve our services and culture.

Should any Trove Research client, partner or other external stakeholder wish to raise a complaint about Trove’s data, research, product, service and/or staff, they may do so.

We welcome open and collaborative engagement, and would encourage any stakeholder thinking of complaining to reach out to our team in an informal capacity in the first instance. They can do so via their Account Manager, or via the [email protected] mailbox.

Should a stakeholder wish to submit a formal complaint they can do so by writing to the [email protected] or the Trove CEO and/or COO directly. Formal complaints should be submitted with the subject line “Formal Complaint”. Complaints could include (but not limited to) proposed methodology changes, applications of methodology in relation to a specific piece of analysis, whether a specific price assessment is representative of market value, other editorial decisions in relation to Trove’s data and/or research, the actions of a member of Trove’s staff and/or the performance of one of Trove’s products.

Formal complaints will be acknowledged within 7 days, and responded to in writing as promptly as possible. Trove targets making a response to all complaints within 28 days. If a review is not yet complete within 28 days, an update will be shared with the complainant after 28 days and every 28 days thereafter.

Formal complaints will be thoroughly and independently investigated within Trove in fair and timely manner (typically by the company COO, unless they are considered conflicted or are the subject of the complaint). Written responses to a complaint will contain a clear appeal / recourse mechanism should a complainant be dissatisfied with Trove’s response (this is only available for six months from the date of Trove’s complaint response).

Formal complaints, and Trove’s response to them, are archived for a minimum of five years.

If the complaint about published research amounts to a difference of opinion between Trove and the complainant, Trove will seek to explain its own reasoning to the client. Should a complaint (either formal or informal) result in a change in previously published data or research, then the resulting update to this data/research will be communicated to all subscribers as soon as practically possible.

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