Outlook and Assessment of Real Nature-based Removals

Outlook and Assessment of Real Nature-based Removals

Planting forests for carbon (and biodiversity) has become a new trend in the investment world, making Afforestation, Reforestation, and Revegetation (ARR) one of the fastest growing project types in the carbon credit market.

Credit buyers or investors looking to stake their claim in the world of forest carbon, however, will need to look out for more than just affordable land.

Join us in our upcoming webinar where we will be joined by our partner, Chloris Geospatial, to answer the most important questions that should be on every ARR buyer or investors checklist:

  • Market: Where is the market for ARR credits and what gives them the edge over other credit types?
  • Integrity: What are the key risks, and which factors can make or break the quality of an ARR credit?
  • Outlook: How will the ARR market evolve, and where are the main opportunities of tomorrow for the investors of today?


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