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Latest Monthly Summary report:

Review of April 2023

Publication date: 26 mayo 2023
  • Both issuances and retirements in April were just below their monthly averages of the last year.
  • The pipeline continues to grow, with April the 2nd largest ever monthly increase, taking it to 734 Mt/yr.
  • Prices averaged $7.20 in April, up from $6.04 in March. However, REDD+ prices continued to fall.
  • Delta Airlines, the world’s largest retiree (10% of all retirements in last 5y), signalled it was reducing its use of credits.
  • April was a relatively slower month for policy updates, with the publication of Verra’s draft consolidated REDD+ methodology perhaps the most significant update.


Review of April 2023

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Publication Date: 23 mayo 2023

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