Reports & Commentary - Voluntary Carbon Market Forecasts

Global Carbon Credit Investment Report

A major new study by Trove Research finds that investment into carbon credit projects between 2012 and 2022 totalled $36bn, with half of this occurring in the last three years…

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BECCS – promising technology for net zero or an expensive bet?

To its supporters, BECCS – or bioenergy with carbon capture and storage – offers a near-miracle solution to the challenge of climate change. In the BECCS process, carbon trapped in…

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The Role of “Reduction” and “Removal” Projects in the Voluntary Carbon Market – an Economic Analysis

This report assesses the costs and benefits of reduction and removal projects, using detailed carbon project cost models developed by Trove.

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Future size of the voluntary carbon market

This report examines the basis of estimates for the future size of the voluntary market and makes suggestions on how these figures should be interpreted.  We conclude there will be…

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Carbon Credit Demand, Supply and Prices

This land-mark study, conducted in collaboration with UCL, produces the first analysis of the long term demand, supply and prices of carbon credits (carbon offsets) in the Voluntary Carbon Market.…

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