Prix des Crédits Carbone

Des indices des prix carbone s’étendant aux transactions hors-cote et sur les bourses spécialisées

  • Weekly pricing indices for over 30 carbon credit types, providing key reference prices for developers, traders and corporate buyers. Indices split by project type, vintage, standard, region and SDG status.
  • Data drawn from the market’s largest source of market participants covering exchanges and OTC transactions
  • Data covers both spot and futures transactions
  • Data accessible via an interactive dashboard and direct data feeds

En savoir plus

  • Weekly report summarising recent market activity and explanations of key price changes
  • Deep dive reports providing assessments of specific pricing events
  • Proprietary fair-value tool to calculate current and historical expected price of user-defined credit types
  • Proprietary AI driven credit price calculator to estimate current and historical expected price of user-defined credit types
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