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UN tells governments to ‘fast forward’ net zero targets

Antonio Guterres said leaders of the G20’s rich nations must aim for net zero “as close as possible” to 2040 while emerging nations should set 2050 targets.


Seoul eases 2030 emission reduction targets for industry

Under a new plan, the Korean industrial sector will be required to cut emissions by 11.4 % by 2030 from 2018 levels, compared to the 14.5% target set in late 2021.


EU strikes deal to cut maritime emissions

Under the law, hailed as the most ambitious maritime fuel legislation in the world, ship emissions will be reduced by 2% as of 2025 and 80% as of 2050.


Under pressure, the EU relaxes its ban on ICE after 2035

New vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) will be allowed after 2035 if they use “climate-neutral fuel” only, in a deal that ends an EU dispute with Germany”.


Colombia increases reforestation target for 2026

The Colombian government announced a new goal to reforest 750,000 hectares of land by 2026, up from a goal of 120,000 hectares set by the previous administration.


Peru announces $1.1bn in spending to contain climate impacts

The money, pledged just after cyclone Yaku caused $300m in damages to Peru, will be used for the prevention and mitigation of El-Niño-related extreme weather events.


EU Commission releases Net-Zero Industry Act

The Commission proposed the NZIA to scale up manufacturing of cleantech in the EU in a bid to counter recent plans from the US and China.


Department of Justice backs communities suing Big Oil

In a Supreme Court brief, the DoJ supported communities seeking to put major oil & gas companies on trial in state court to hold them accountable for climate damages.


Singapore, Indonesia sign $50Bn MOU on renewable energy

The Green Corridor Project will support the development of renewable energy projects in Indonesia for domestic needs and for export to Singapore.


Germany’s emissions fell 1.9% in 2022 thanks to industry efforts

German industry emissions fell by 10% in 2022, enabling the country to stay in line with its overall target despite additional emissions caused by increased coal use.


New EPA rules could close 13% of US coal-fired power plants

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Good Neighbor Plan requires power plants in 22 states to further reduce emissions by 2027.


Japan hosts 1st ministerial to propel Asia-wide zero emissions

Japan, Australia and ASEAN nations gathered for a ministerial meeting on the reduction of carbon emissions in the region, under an initiative launched by Tokyo.


US announces $6Bn in grants to decarbonise heavy industry

The Biden administration is directing $6Bn in funding to speed decarbonisation projects in energy-hungry industries like steel, aluminium and cement making.


China strengthens role of courts in meeting carbon targets

China’s Supreme People’s Court issued the first judicial document to encourage and guide case handling on carbon emissions.


German government sets plan to bring back solar, wind industry

Berlin looks to acquire shares in renewable energy firms and provide support to wind turbine and solar panel manufacturers to encourage production in Germany.


Energy efficiency directive sets 11.7% reduction target by 2030

EU lawmakers have agreed to increase the ambition of the bloc’s energy efficiency directive, making energy savings of 11.7% by 2030 mandatory.


UN takes step towards new way of tracking greenhouse gases

The UN’s World Meteorological Organization has come up with new infrastructure to allow standardised, real-time tracking of greenhouse gases.


Oil giant Saudi Aramco records historic $161Bn profit in 2022

Aramco plans to spend up to $55Bn on capital projects in 2023 to boost its production from 11.5m barrels a day in 2022 to 13m barrels a day by 2027.


Australia joins Vanuatu’s campaign for climate justice at the ICJ

Canberra will co-sponsor a bid to have the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rule on the obligations for states to address climate change and the damage it is causing.


Bioeconomy: EU is moving towards its goals, challenges persist

A new assessment of the EU bioeconomy shows that while resource efficiency is improving, there’s a growing pressure on ecosystems from forestry and agriculture.

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