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France’s Macron announces new $106m fund for tropical forests

France will put up half the new funds, with the remainder coming from the US-based nonprofit Conservation International and the Walton Foundation.


EU delays vote on 2035 ICE ban as Germany suddenly wavers

Germany has unexpectedly objected to a planned vote to ban ICE vehicles by 2035, questioning the treatment of e-fuels and the overall impact on the car industry.


Australia joins Vanuatu’s campaign for climate justice at the ICJ

Canberra will co-sponsor a bid to have the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rule on the obligations for states to address climate change and the damage it is causing.


Bioeconomy: EU is moving towards its goals, challenges persist

A new assessment of the EU bioeconomy shows that while resource efficiency is improving, there’s a growing pressure on ecosystems from forestry and agriculture.


IEA: methane emissions remained stubbornly high in 2022

A combination of high energy prices, security of supply concerns and economic uncertainty were not enough to drive down methane emissions last year.


Investment in renewables reached record, unevenly spread

The report Global Landscape of Renewable Energy Finance 2023 reveals that global investment in energy transition technologies last year reached USD 1.3 trillion.


Australian energy minister rules out ban on new coal mines

Australia’s energy minister has ruled out a ban on new coal mines as part of the country’s overhaul of climate policy.


Tanzania approves EACOP construction amidst protests

Tanzania’s regulator has approved the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project, allowing construction to begin.


EU fails to reach fossil fuels phase-out deal

European Union foreign ministers failed to agree the adoption of rules for a phase-out of fossil fuels as countries still argue over the categorization of nuclear energy.


Taiwan passes 2050 net zero target into law

The ‘Climate Change Response Act’ codifies the island’s goal to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and includes key governance announcements.


Federal government releases ‘just transition’ plan

The ‘Sustainable Jobs Plan’ comes after the government promised a road map to protect jobs as Canada transitions away from a combustion-based economy.


Commission proposes 90% reduction target for HDVs by 2040

The European Commission is proposing the phasing of stronger CO₂ emissions standards for new Heavy-Duty-Vehicles (HDVs) leading to 90% reductions by 2040


All major road building projects in Wales scrapped over climate

All major road building projects in Wales have been scrapped over environmental concerns, as part of the Welsh government’s National Transport Plan.


New Jersey commits to 100% ‘clean energy’ by 2035

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has announced other elements for a ‘sustainable New Jersey’ including a ban on internal combustion engines for new cars by 2035.


Australia blocks coal mine to protect Great Barrier Reef

For the first time in history, Australia has blocked the creation of a coal mine under environmental laws.


Brussels proposes coordinated, EU-wide exit from ECT

The Commission has proposed an exit of all 27 member states from the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), a controversial agreement that protects oil and gas investors.


EU lawmakers vote for stricter climate due diligence obligations

The proposal would require large companies and SMEs in ‘high-risk’ sectors to identify “adverse environmental impacts” along their value chain.


Costa Rica releases its national Blue Carbon strategy

The new strategy provides a mechanism to implement the commitments Costa Rica made in 2020 to protect and restore 100% of its coastal wetlands as part of its NDC.


European Commission presents its ‘Green Deal Industrial Plan’

The Plan builds on previous initiatives, complementing ongoing efforts under the European Green Deal and REPowerEU, and aims at countering the US’s IRA.


India announces $4.3Bn investment in renewable energy

The Indian government has pledged to invest $4.3Bn in renewable technologies to clean up the country’s economy and create jobs.

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