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New ‘Coalition of Trade Ministers on Climate’ launches

The EU and 26 partners countries launched the “Coalition of Trade Ministers on Climate”, a forum dedicated to trade, climate and sustainable development issues.


Germany publishes plans to hit 30GW offshore wind in 2030

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) announced there would be enough space for 40 GW by 2035, and possibly more than 10 GW on top of that.


NuScale’s SMR becomes first to be certified in the US

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has certified the design for what will be the United States’ first small modular nuclear reactor (SMR).


EU proposes new law to combat greenwashing

It will clamp down on companies promoting their products as “climate neutral” or “containing recycled materials” if such labels are not substantiated.


Slovenia plans €3.5Bn investment in power distribution system

Slovenia plans to pour €3.5Bn into its grid in the next decade to help support the increased demand for electricity that it expects to come with the green transition.


Approval for €1.1Bn Danish support scheme for CCS roll-out

The European Commission has approved a €1.1Bn tender by Danish authorities to support the roll-out of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.


US releases blueprint for transportation sector decarbonisation

The landmark blueprint was developed by the Departments of Energy, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and the Environmental Protection Agency.


Ethiopia working towards net zero emissions by 2050: PM

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed confirmed that Ethiopia has developed along-term net zero and climate resilient 2050 strategy to support the country’s decarbonisation.


Malaysia may stop palm oil exports to EU after new curbs

The announcement was made in response to a new EU law aimed at protecting forests by strictly regulating sale of the product.


Sweden discovers Europe’s biggest deposit of rare earth metals

Rare earth minerals are essential to high-tech manufacturing processes and are used in electric vehicles, wind turbines, portable electronics, microphones and speakers.


World’s dams to lose a quarter of storage capacity by 2050, UN

Nearly 50,000 large dams worldwide could lose more than a quarter of their storage capacity by 2050 as a result of sedimentation build-ups, eroding global water supply.


Last Slovak coal mines to close in 2023

Lignite mining in Slovakia is coming to an end as the last two coal mines will close by year-end following the government’s plans to stop subsidies for domestic mining.


Germany and Norway tie the knot with new hydrogen pipeline

Building on their long-lasting relationship as fossil energy supplier and buyer, Germany and Norway have agreed to a “green” partnership.


India plans 125GW of new renewables to power hydrogen plans

India expects to deploy about 125GW of new renewables by 2030 to power the nation’s ambitious green hydrogen plans, and starts financing initiatives.


French finance minister mulls ‘green industry’ law to counter US

Bruno Le Maire is to present a new bill in the coming days aiming at making France a ‘leading decarbonized nation’ in Europe.


Lula issues six decrees reversing anti-Indigenous measures

Effective January 2, Brazil’s President Lula issued six decrees revoking anti-environment-and-Indigenous measures from his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro.


UN to convene 2023 Climate Ambition Summit

UN Secretary-General António Guterres announced he will convene a Climate Ambition Summit in September 2023, to generate “new, tangible and credible climate action” to “accelerate action at the mid-way point” of the SDGs.


Taiwan central bank to incorporate climate change risks

Taiwan’s central bank said it would begin incorporating climate change risks into its modelling and forecasts for inflation and economic growth.


EU countries vote to weaken law on methane emissions

European Union countries voted in favour of weakening the bloc’s planned law to cut methane emissions in the oil and gas sector.


World Bank seeks more funds to address climate change

The World Bank is seeking to vastly expand its lending capacity to address climate change and other global crises via a capital increase and new lending tools.

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