Strategic Guides

Strategic Guide to the Voluntary Carbon Market Ecosystem

Last updated: September 2022

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how the voluntary carbon market operates today.

The voluntary carbon market provides an opportunity for organisations to accelerate their efforts to reduce their climate impact. Many firms, however, have no or limited experience of carbon markets.

This guide provides such firms with an introduction to the voluntary carbon market ecosystem. It explains the market’s history, how it differs to regulated markets, why it is growing fast, how carbon credits are created and transacted, and gives some examples of the different organisations operating in the market today. More detailed insights on the voluntary carbon market ecosystem are available to Trove’s subscribers and advisory clients.

Strategic Guide to setting corporate climate targets and the use of carbon credits

Last updated: October 2022

This guide provides an ongoing guide for companies when setting corporate climate targets and the use of carbon credits.

It is structured as a series of ‘frequently asked questions’ that often arise in our discussions with corporate clients and through our interactions with key non-governmental organisations, think tanks and investors.

For each topic area and question we provide our most up to date assessment of the state of play and the potential ‘direction of travel’. The issues identified and maintained in this document will evolve over time as guidance is updated.

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