Caroline Pitt

Caroline Pitt. Caroline brings over 20 years’ experience delivering consulting projects on energy and carbon. She works with energy users, energy suppliers and policy makers to develop effective strategies to mitigate carbon emissions and optimise energy use.

Caroline began her career modelling wholesale electricity prices at Pöyry and completed a secondment to Defra as an economic adviser to implement Phase I of the EU ETS. She then led the carbon policy team at Enviros Consulting, where clients included BEIS, Defra and DECC. She also gained first-hand experience of corporate carbon strategies, footprinting and reporting, delivering projects on behalf of the Carbon Trust. Caroline then developed the consulting offer for energy broker Utilyx, working with large end users to comply with their regulatory requirements and to turn data into insight. Caroline is now an independent consultant, working with businesses and the policy makers to capitalise on the opportunities the energy transition and a net zero future offer.

Caroline has a BSc in Economics and Geography and an MSc in Environment Economics with distinction from University College, London.