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Creation of ISO’s international standard on net zero gets underway

The standard represents the evolution of the ISO Net Zero Guidelines, launched at COP27, into an independently verifiable international standard. The purpose of the Guidelines was to help organisations create net zero strategies by informing them about credible best practice.


Indonesia inks partnership with Bezos Earth Fund

According to the Forestry Ministry, the agreement will see Bezos Earth Fund helping Indonesia reach carbon emission reductions cited under its nationally determined contribution (NDC).


GEF gives green light to USD 730m spending on biodiversity, pollution control

The Global Environment Facility approved funding to hasten efforts to tackle biodiversity loss, climate change, and chemical and waste pollution. Money will be available for 25 projects through the GEF Trust Fund, 14 climate adaptation initiatives through the Least Developed Countries Fund, and the GBFF's first three projects.


EU backs EUR 650 bn plan to help cities reach net zero by 2030

A group of 112 cities aiming to eliminate their net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 will need a combined EUR 650 bn (USD 700 bn) in investments to deliver the pledge, a European Union initiative said.


Lufthansa Group introduces environmental cost surcharge

The new surcharge is intended to cover part of the steadily rising costs due to regulatory environmental requirements. These include the statutory 2% Sustainable Aviation Fuel uptake for departures from EU countries from January 1, 2025, adjustments to the EU ETS, and the CORSIA offsetting scheme.


Allegations raised against former C-Quest CEO

Allegations emerged concerning actions by Ken Newcombe, the former CEO of cookstove developer C-Quest Capital, reportedly resulting in the over-issuance of carbon credits across 27 projects. C-Quest voluntarily shared its findings with Verra and U.S. regulatory authorities. Newcombe has rebutted the allegations made.


Denmark sets Europe’s first carbon tax on agriculture

From 2030 farmers will have to pay 120 Danish kroner (USD 17) per metric ton of emitted carbon dioxide equivalent, rising to 300 kroner (USD 43) from 2035 onwards. The government will also provide USD 5.3 billion to reforest 250,000 hectares of agricultural land by 2045, set aside 140,000 hectares of lowland by 2030, and buy out certain farms.


Science-based target announcements round-up:

British engineering and construction firm Balfour Beatty had its emission reduction targets validated by the SBTi: it has committed to reaching net zero across Scope 1, 2 and 3 by 2050 and to reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42%, and Scope 3 by 25%, by 2030 compared to 2020 levels. • The SBTi also validated the net zero targets of the Japanese multinational investment holding company, SoftBank Corporation. The company’s targets include reducing Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 100% by 2030 from a 2022 baseline, and cutting Scope 3 emissions by 25% by 2030, and 90% by 2050.


World Bank approves USD 2.2 bn financing for India, Egypt low-carbon transitions

The multilateral lender has approved packages amounting to USD 1.5 bn for India and to support the countries’ energy transition efforts. It is also providing USD 700m for Egypt to support the country’s energy transition efforts. Some of the funds for both countries are earmarked for the establishment of voluntary carbon credit market regulatory frameworks.


China sets up new state body to drill deep for oil and gas reserves

China is setting up a new entity that brings together national oil producers and other state firms to search for ultra-deep oil and gas reserves and tackle harder-to-extract non-conventional resources, state energy group CNPC said.


US Supreme Court weakens federal regulators

The Supreme Court has upended a 40-year-old decision that made it easier for the US federal government to regulate the environment, public health, workplace safety and consumer protections.


BP halts hiring, slows renewables roll-out to win over investors

BP's new CEO Murray Auchincloss has introduced a hiring freeze and paused new offshore wind projects as he places a renewed emphasis on oil and gas. This comes amid investor discontent over the company’s energy transition strategy.


Verra releases new carbon capture and storage methodology

Verra has released a globally applicable framework for technology-based carbon capture and storage (CCS) activities that generate both carbon dioxide removals and emission reductions.


IDB issues first private sector bond to finance the Amazon region

IDB Invest, the private sector arm of the Inter-American Development Bank, has issued the group’s first private sector bond to finance green and social initiatives in the Amazon region. The aim behind this issuance is to create economic opportunities for the private sector while protecting the region’s rainforest.


Carbon Trade eXchange launches ITMO auction for 1.5 million credits

The spot auction will run from 27th June to 4th July and feature 1.5 million credits from a clean cooking project in Malawi. The project has its letter of authorisation issued by the Malawi Government under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.


Salesforce makes $25m investment pledge for engineered carbon removal

The software firm has made a commitment to back engineered CDR through the Frontier initiative, founded two years ago to help innovators scale their operations by providing long-term offtake agreements. Other members of the initiative include Meta, Shopify, Stripe, McKinsey & Co. and Alphabet Inc.


Swiss WorldCargo launches initiative combining DAC and SAF

The Swiss air cargo company aims to deploy direct air capture (DAC), in partnership with Climeworks, to offset 20% of CO2 emissions generated by its shipments. Additionally, the airline will use sustainable aviation fuel, which offers an 80% net reduction in emissions compared to conventional fuels.


Science-based target announcements round-up

Thyssenkrupp Steel, the German engineering and metals giant, committed to reach net zero by 2045 (versus a 2022 baseline), with targets to reduce Scope 1 & 2 by 59% and Scope 3 by 35% by 2032 (vs. 2018). In addition, it announced targets to reduce Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions covered by the iron & steel core boundary by 38% per tonne of hot rolled steel by 2032 (vs. 2018). Bain & Company, the US-based professional services company, committed to net zero by 2050 (versus a 2019 baseline), with targets to reduce Scope 1 & 2 by 90% and Scope 3 by 97% per employee in the same time frame.


ICR starts pilot biodiversity program

The Iceland-based International Carbon Registry (ICR) is developing a pilot biodiversity program designed to integrate conservation and restoration into global sustainability efforts. Projects will be registered and issue biodiversity credits on the company’s existing registry.


US urges EU to delay anti-deforestation law

The United States called on the European Union to postpone a ban on imports of products driving deforestation, saying it would harm American producers unable to comply, the European Commission said Thursday.

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