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China surprises with draft methane plan, follows US and Europe

China has drafted a plan to reduce methane emissions and the US has pledged to help, but the biggest emitters —coal mines and livestock—have yet to be addressed.

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China issues emissions plan for non-ferrous metals industry

China laid out a plan to decarbonize the non-ferrous metals industry, reiterating the energy-intensive sector’s need to not exceed peak carbon emissions by 2030.

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Japan postpones carbon tax as energy prices soar

Japan will put the introduction of a carbon emissions surcharge on hold, abandoning plans to include it in fiscal 2023 tax reform due to soaring energy costs

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Chinese construction material emissions to peak by 2030

Four central government agencies announced the 2030 peaking date in a carbon-peaking plan specific to the construction materials industry

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China to strengthen emissions standards and measurements

Beijing aims to establish a standards and measurement system for cutting GHG emissions, a lack of which was widely blamed for the country’s carbon market woes.

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Indonesia seeks funding for 2030 FoLU net sink

The government has set a 2030 target for the Forestry and Land Use (FoLU) sector to become carbon positive, and is developing several budgeting strategies.

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Singapore confirms 2050 net-zero target

The country is now aiming for an earlier, pre-2030 emissions peak, and has announced a 2045 net-zero target for the public sector.

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Xpansiv granted license to trade ACCUs from Q1 2023

Xpansiv's spot exchange CBL was granted a market-making Australian financial services licence to facilitate trades of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

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Hong Kong bourse operator launches carbon trading exchange

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) has launched Core Climate, a trading platform for voluntary carbon credits.

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Philippine Airlines to reach net-zero by 2050

The country's flagship airline has announced the long-term goal, but has yet to develop a credible net-zero strategy with science-based targets.

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Indonesian state-owned firms to transition to EVs by 2025

The three-year deadline aims to drive the country's 2060 net-zero target, with transportation being the country's second-most emitting sector.

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Singapore and Australia sign ‘Green Economy Agreement’

The new agreement will help the countries collaborate on a vast number of issues including trade, transition finance, carbon credits and standards.

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