Australia: decisions on 19 fossil projects to be reassessed

19 coal and gas projects approved by the previous government could be forced to be re-assessed for potential damage to species and environments.

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Australia’s IAG joins the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance

Australia’s largest insurer has a target of net-zero emissions by 2050 across its value chain, with an intermediate target of a 50% reduction by 2030.

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Australian confirms end to support for CCS, soil carbon

The Australian government has set new priorities on electrification and energy efficiency technologies, affecting ACCU credit generating projects.

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Australia passes Climate bill, albeit with little details

The bill translates the country's revised NDC into law but does not explain how to reach the target (-43% emissions by 2030, net zero by 2050).

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Campaign to ban fossil fuels advertising launches in Australia

Fossil fuels kill more people than smoking, so fossil fuels advertising should be restricted like tobacco ads are, campaigners say. Leading health organisations have given their support to a ban…

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Pacific islands look to international court for help on climate

Climate-threatened Pacific islands are pushing for the International Court of Justice to act on climate following a key regional summit in Fiji.

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Westpac to slash lending to coal, oil companies by 2030

Australia's last big bank to join the Net-Zero Banking Alliance pledges to curb fossil fuel lending, unless deemed of 'national energy security interest'.

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Quinbrook to finance $1.7Bn battery in Australia

Private equity firm Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners plans to finance a data storage facility including a 2GWh battery storage installation in Brisbane.

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Australia to review carbon offsets following ‘fraud’ allegations

Australia's new Labor government has appointed a top scientist to lead a six-month review of the country's carbon credits following allegations that some projects earning credits are not really adding…

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Australia emissions trading scheme set for 2023

The New Labor government’s plan will apply only to industrial emitters such as smelters and miners.

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NSW taps into emerging biodiversity credit market

New South Wales government has set aside AU$107m for a new fund dedicated to buying biodiversity credits and selling them to land users.

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Australia raises 2030 GHG reduction target to 43%

The Australian Government has lodged an updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) with the UNFCCC. The new NDC is more ambitious than the country's previous 28% interim reduction target.

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