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The Global Voluntary Carbon Market – Dealing with the problem of historic credits (Updated Jan 2021)

This report presents the most comprehensive analysis yet on the quality and quantity of credits currently available in the voluntary carbon market. The research highlights the problem of a large supply of poor quality older credits, and proposes three ways for managing the transition to a cleaner, higher quality market.

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Why Investors in Oil & Gas Should Not Fear a Pivot to Renewables – Comparison of Investment Returns (April 2020).

Investors worried about falling returns when oil companies commit to moving away from fossil fuels into renewable energy should fret less. The oil and gas industry is actually not that profitable and investors should gain by the switch to renewables.

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Sustainable Investing – Mind the Gap (Dec 2016)

This work by Trove Research presents one of the most comprehensive and detailed analyses of sustainable investing undertaken to date, covering multiple asset classes including listed equities, private equity, fixed income and direct investing in infrastructure.

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