Trove Global Carbon Credit Investment Survey

    Trove Global Carbon Credit Investment Survey



    The Trove 2023 Global Carbon Credit Investment Survey was launched on 4th April 2023.  The purpose of the survey is to gain a thorough understanding of capital flows into carbon credit projects and the benefits this capital will produce for the climate and society.

    The survey has been developed in collaboration with a number of global organisations including IETA (International Emissions Trading Association) and Verra.

    The survey is open to all market participants, including corporates, project developers, fund managers and institutional investors.  The survey will be repeated on a periodic basis to provide regular updates on how these capital flows evolve.


    The greater response from market participants, the greater the value in the results.  If your organisation has raised capital in the past three years, or expects to in the next three years, for use in the carbon credit market, please complete and return the survey by email to [email protected] by 12th May 2023.

    The findings from the survey will be presented alongside a publicly available report. All information received by Trove will be anonymised, aggregated and treated with full confidentiality.

    Please use the buttons below to download the survey and methodology.

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