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Reports of the VCM’s Ill Health Are Greatly Exaggerated

Mark Twain’s response in 1897 to a journalist enquiring about his health could equally apply to rumours circulating today about the health of the voluntary carbon market. In recent months…

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An Introduction to Trove’s Carbon Credit Integrity Assessments

We are excited to launch our new Carbon Credit Integrity Assessment tool as a new module on the Trove Intelligence platform.  The tool assesses the integrity of over carbon 4,000…

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Climate and ESG Investing in the Age of DeSantis and Republican Liberalism

Investing according to environmental, social and governance criteria has been one of the key macro investment themes in the last decade.  Growing at over 40% per year since 2015, the…

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China’s voluntary carbon market could burst back into life

The following article is an extract from Trove Research’s China country profile, available to subscribers.  These country profiles describe the opportunities and risks for developing and trading carbon credits in…

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Should carbon investors tap the stock market?

Climate change has now emerged as a major investment theme. Even mainstream fund managers are screening investments on climate criteria.

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Response to the Guardian’s analysis on Verra’s REDD+ projects

You have to hand it to The Guardian – they certainly created stir with this article! In the space of a few days there has been a flurry of impassioned responses. This is our take…

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Trove’s Updated Carbon Industry Classification

Trove’s new project classification provides a comprehensive and granular picture of the entire voluntary carbon market by classifying circa 4,000 registered projects and 2,600 pipeline projects across the major crediting…

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1000 1000 Trove Research – A green idea, but too many red flags

The potential for "" to dump huge quantities of carbon credits into the voluntary carbon market has caused consternation in some parts of the market. It was definitely a hot topic…

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Does EasyJet’s pivot away from carbon credits mean airlines are cooling on the carbon market?

On 26 September, EasyJet announced a pivot in its sustainability strategy to end the purchasing of carbon credits and focus on technology solutions to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The decision to stop buying carbon credits has raised concerns in the voluntary carbon market as airlines have been some of the largest buyers of credits.

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