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    4Q22 Update – Carbon Neutral Fuels Claims3 February 2023
    • Input data is gathered from publicly available sources including company press releases, media agencies and registry databases.
    • Key assumptions:
      1. Shipments – where number of shipments is not given, we assume delivery is via a single shipment for one-off transactions. For multiple or continuous delivery, one shipment per quarter is assumed, such that the volume of transacted fuels is equally split between each quarter for the duration of the supply window.
      2. Volume of credits – this is estimated by multiplying the shipment volume by appropriate carbon content of the product cycle. This is also dependent on the emissions scopes which are offset – Scope 1 and 2 entail upstream production and refinery emissions, while Scope 3 entails the entire lifecycle of the fuel, from extraction to end-use. Emissions estimates are derived using academic lifecycle assessment studies on carbon content and/or previously disclosed values for respective scopes and fuels.
      3. Where multiple carbon credit types are reported, we assume an even split between all reported credit types (e.g., if company reports they purchased both REDD+ and Renewable Energy credits, we assume their total credit purchases were split 50-50 between these two types).
    • Please refer to our module Data and Methodology Note and latest Carbon Neutral Quarterly Report for more detail.
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