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In-depth analysis of over 160 policy initiatives affecting corporate climate commitments and the use of carbon credits

  • Email alerts and monthly analysis from Trove experts on key policy issues such as disclosure requirements, emission mitigation strategies, carbon credit quality and the use of carbon credits
  • Regularly updated strategic guides for corporates on setting voluntary climate targets and trading/investing in carbon credits
  • Detailed country profiles for the major carbon credit ‘producing’ countries - covering NDCs, forestry laws, domestic carbon regulations and approaches to jurisdictional REDD+ and corresponding adjustments
  • Tracking and analysis of Article 6.2 credit trades and jurisdictional programmes

Tracking of key market-moving events from over 160 stakeholder bodies

Coverage includes investor groups, regulatory bodies, think tanks, and international organisations such as the ICVCM, SBTi and VCMI

Accessible via an interactive dashboard and database

  • Easy-to-use dashboard designed for use by developers, traders, corporates and governments / NGOs
  • Organisation profiles and key document summaries
  • Consultation tracker with important policy consultations
  • Tracking of important stakeholder responses to key policy announcements
  • Personalised alerts for relevant policy analysis

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