Carbon markets

Carbon markets are an important tool for addressing the climate challenge, offering greater emission reductions for lower cost. We have over 20 years experience in helping design and navigate these markets.

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Corporate Climate Strategies

Businesses are coming under increasing financial and stakeholder pressure to adapt their businesses to a lower carbon world. We work with a range of firms to help them develop profitable transition strategies.

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Renewable and Low Carbon Investments

Renewable energy technologies are central to providing the power we need without damaging the climate. We combine proprietary research and direct industry experience to provide unique insights on investing in these new technologies.

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Trove Research

Trove Research is a specialist data, analysis and advisory firm focused on climate policy, carbon markets and the energy transition. The firm’s expertise builds on 30 years’ experience across research, consulting, strategy and industry M&A. We combine deep sector knowledge with leading edge analytical and forecasting tools to provide clarity and insight.

Managing the transition from an economy based on fossil fuels to one powered by clean energy is a unique global challenge, requiring unprecedented levels of investment and international coordination. Trove Research has the experience to help clients navigate the disruptions and opportunities that these changes will create.

We understand the tensions throughout this transition. Some industries will be severely challenged and be forced to reinvent themselves, while new technologies will emerge and new industries formed. Trove Research insight is available to all participants involved in the transition. In everything we do we hold to our core values of objectivity and rigour. Our work is always thorough, impartial, and free of vested interests.


Trove research is constantly working on a number of exciting and influential projects. Some of these may have freely available reports and offer opportunities for public consultation.