Intelligence Platform

The MSCI Carbon Markets platform provides the data and analysis needed by corporates, investors, traders, developers and governments to navigate the increasingly complex world of voluntary climate commitments

The platform is built around six key pillars – corporate data, carbon credit prices, voluntary carbon market forecasts, carbon credit projects & transactions, carbon credit integrity and policy and guidance – as well as a number of strategic guides and a searchable database of corporate climate news. To find out more about subscription options contact us here.

Corporate Data

Which companies have set climate targets, how many carbon credits are they buying and how many they will need in the future?

Carbon Credit Prices

How much do carbon credits cost today and how have prices changed?

Voluntary Carbon Market Forecasts

How will the price of carbon credits change in the future?

Policy and Guidance

How will new policies and guidance affect corporate climate commitments and the use of carbon credits?

Carbon Projects and Transactions

What type of carbon credits are being created and used today, how will this change in the future?

Carbon Credit Integrity

Which carbon credits have the highest integrity and lowest reputational risk?





Strategic Guides

Freely available guides to corporate data and the voluntary carbon market

Corporate Climate News

Freely available searchable news database

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